Charlie's Top 10 Things to Love About Toronto

As a dog, Charlie is a creature of habit. His life in Montreal was practically perfect - runs on the mountain and on the summit. Occasionally, we'd even be scofflaws and run him off leash in Rene Levesque Park. How things change. In honour of the dog days of summer, here are Charlie's Top 10 Things to Love About Toronto:

10. School crossing guards who carry dog treats.

9. RBC employees who carry dog treats.

8. Hooper's Pharmacy employees, who have dog treats.

7. The pet stores on Queen street, which, of course, carry treats.

6. Modelling for dog treats.

5. Running on the beach and stealing other dogs' treats.

4. Playing fetch in the ravine - for treats.

3. Playing fetch in the field at the water treatment plant - for treats.

2. The neighbours: George, Sally, Max and Pepe (and their treats).

1. Kim, the walker who carries lots of treats.