I wish Stephen Harper would watch this ...

This lecture beautifully distills President Obama's "Clean Power Plan." If you don't want to watch the whole lecture, fast-forward to near the end, where Harvard Law School professors Richard Lazarus and (my cousin) Jody Freeman field questions: https://newfangledstudios.wistia.com/medias/tpt36mukin 

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This is what was waiting for me at the Buckhead MARTA station in Atlanta. I know it's out of focus but my bleary eyes had a hard time taking in what looked like an entire hotel suite. Waaaay there in the front, you can sort of see the driver...

Pickup in Atlanta

The play's the thing - in Ottawa

We're on the train to Ottawa to see the premiere of my brother-in-law's play, The Boy in the Moon, based on the moving memoir by Ian Brown of the Globe and Mail. If you're in Ottawa or thereabouts, it's at the Great Canadian Theatre Company until October 5


The Great Society

Last night, we saw The Great Society, the sequel to the wonderful play about LBJ, All the Way. Shakespearean in scope and length, it's more didactic but considering everything that had to be packed in - civil rights, Vietnam, backstabbing politicians and so on - you can understand why. And it resonates with what is happening in the world today, from Ferguson to the Middle East ...

Check it out: http://bit.ly/1pJSRTq

Paddleboarding in the rain

Three weeks at the cottage with, at best, intermittent reception means working on projects, reading, running and (our newest passion) paddleboarding! The other day, we took the boards out to Lac St. Joseph, which has real waves, tons of motorboats and wind. It was fun, if a bit scary at first. The first time my board hit hit a wave from a boat, I dropped to my knees. But I soon got the hang of it. Lake Ontario,, here we come! 

Lost in the trees

At our cottage, surrounded by trees and with spotty reception, funny how my blood pressure drops as access to news is diminished. No updates on the Middle East, Malaysian Airlines or Rob Ford. It's quiet, buggy - and we went for a swim in the lake yesterday.   

A room of his own ...

A new chapter in the annals of Charlie's adventures in Toronto: He was getting bathed and coiffed today, then decided to do a little tour of the back rooms. Wouldn't you know - the door to the food storage room was a little bit open. There were any number of food bags there but wouldn't you know it? He went to his own brand, ripped open the bag and got about three cups worth before he was discovered.